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Class 2 2022- 2023

Welcome to another action packed year. On this page you will find out about everything that Class Two have been up to!

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Science Animals Including Humans

The children had great fun demonstrating and explaining the process of digestion. It's not often the teacher is happy to talk about faeces (poo). We did have a lot of giggling! 


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How Are Pigs Connected to Jumbo Jets?

On a live stream we met Flavian the pig farmer and his clever pig dog, Rex, and learnt how they looked after their team of pigs to keep them happy and healthy. We also got to meet the newest arrivals on the farm!

RE Judaism

Today we learnt about the Kashrut rules and thought very carefully about what we would give a Jewish child to eat if they came to our birthday party. Everyone found it interesting finding out about kosher food. 


Class Assembly Romans Rule!


Thank you to everyone who gathered to our class assembly to hear our proposal that Romans should take over Broad Town School! We had great fun presenting our findings. 

STEM Live answered our question resulting in a very excited class!


We joined STEM LIVE for an interactive and engaging lesson from Wisley Gardens in Surrey. We learnt from experts at the Royal Horticultural Society about the identification of different types of plants, their structure and how and why they keep them healthy and secure from diseases. 

Geography Earthquakes, volcanoes and mountains

It was such a lovely day we decided to continue our geography outside. Everyone reproduced some new knowledge they had obtained and shared it with the rest of the class. 

History Week 2023

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The class enjoyed a live zoom with Jenny Haigh an anthropologist. We learnt about the Romans and their empire in Britain, the legacies they left behind after their invasion and settlement here in the UK. 

We didn’t just get taught in our class this week. We moved from class to class learning about how artefacts can help us learn about the past. The focus was on pots from ancient Greece, coins from the Roman Empire and writing utensils used after the Great Fire of London.

At the end of the week we came to school in an outfit inspired by someone from history or from a certain historic period.

A visit from a real life rock band- Rocktopus!

Rocktopus are in fact the world's ONLY school workshop rock band!

With the children Rocktopus created a song about Broad Town’s school values. Our class focused on the two values- RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY. The class are very excited to see the final filmed performance.


Solar Power Workshop

We took part in a hands on exciting workshop. We made solar powered circuits and quickly began to experiment with solar panels to see if we could increase the output. We finished by exploring a range of solar powered toys.


This term in science, Class 2 have been mechanical engineers. The children discussed the purpose of an escape lane and the kind of surface which could be used to slow down vehicles. In groups the class explored how far cars go after a hill (down a ramp). The children measured how far the car went on different surfaces and recorded it. Finally, they explained how the surface made a difference.


The children designed and created games that used a magnetic force to attract materials.Class 3 had a chance to try out their games and evaluate them. We think they enjoyed playing them!



Parent Power Point, Termly Parent Newsletter and Curriculum Overview

Medium Term Planning

Knowledge Organiser



Need to practice your timestables!


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Coronation of King Charles III

We had a fun packed afternoon preparing for the Coronation of King Charles III. Everyone enjoyed our scavenger hunt and all the teams did extremely well with the quiz. Well done to Team Royal Girls who scored 13 out of 15. As always we ate too much cake at our Royal Tea Party!



Class 2’s Prayer for the Queen’s Memorial Service

Dear Lord,

Today we are sad but we are also grateful Queen Elizabeth dedicated her life for us through her humility, grace and hard work.

She consistently showed us the values of goodness, courage and strength.

Thank you, for your servant who lived a life of love, faith and hope.



To ensure that we and our community give, inspire and flourish together, we have been and are supportive of a range of charities in our local area, nationally and globally.


This Christmas Class 2 carried out a ‘reverse advent calendar’ for Swindon Night Shelter.

Thank you to eveyone for all your wonderful donations. 

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Children In Need

We had a great day raising money for disadvantaged children and young people around the UK. The best part - eating cake!

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Wiltshire Air Ambulance Emergency Awareness Training


Class 2 had the opportunity to take part in training on how to help someone in a medical emergency. Chris the instructor led an interactive and informative session covering the topics:

- Making a 999 call

- Managing an unconscious patient

- How to perform CPR

- Correct operation of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

The children really enjoyed the session and hopefully have taken away valuable lifesaving skills.


Bible Story Week

This term each class at Broad Town School choose a bible story to really study and think about how the teaching is relevant to our lives today. Class 2 decided to look at the story of David and Goliath. We spent the first day really getting to know the story and think about 'what the moral of the story is?' and 'how it helps us in our lives today?' We concluded that it was about having inner strength and relying on that strength to support us during difficult times. During the rest of the week we scripted, made props and put on our own 'Open the Book' assembly, we made a sling shot, similar to that, that David used and used our drawing skills from our art that term to draw the scene of David and Goliath. We hope you have as much fun looking at our photos as we did in them.


Sling Shot 


Passport Activities

At Broad Town School we are always coming up with new and exciting ways to push our children and challenge them to try new things. We have given all children an activity passport that contains lots of ideas of things that they can do. Chidlren can do them at home or at school. Here you will find pictures of them completing the different activities.

Making a sandwich 

live from the lab zoom session


Class 2 were lucky enough to take part in Science Travels – an outreach project with travelling communities. The children were taught through a ‘live from the lab’ Zoom session from the University of Glasgow. Eve, Lara and Eirini, undergraduate science students at the Universities of Glasgow, co-designed the activities based around the GI tract, the inner ear and muscles.

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Pizza Making

In topic we have been looking at the similarites between Italy and England. We looked at the physcial and human geographical features. We ended our topic making some scrumptious pizzas

Our Community Christmas Party

Class 2 thought it would be a lovely idea to give back to all the people that help us in Broad Town School. We decided to host a tea party where we could chat to all the people of our community over a mince pie and a glass of fizzy grape juice. We discovered so much from hidden origami talents to what the school was like 45 years ago. By the sounds of the natter and the laughter everyone had a thoroughly wonderful time. Here are some photos 

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